First, there was darkness

Then, there was this idea that would not fade.

The ultimate, committed fixed-gear rigid 29x3.0 mountain bike.

We mocked up builds on a couple of stock frames.

We had another one custom made.

We loved it. We rode.

Ten years passed. And more. We kept riding.

Still, nothing turned up on the market.

We had to do something about that.

And while we were at it, there were a few other things also missing.

This is what heroux cycles is about.

A few, timeless and deeply niched cycling pieces needed for the perfect puzzle very few even want to lay.

Some things never go out of style.

Some things never go in to style.

This is where we live. In that intersection.

Why fixed-gear off road?

It is not that hard really.

At some point you just want less of it all.

All that innovation, all that stuff, that service... you know.

At some point, you just want it back:

That feeling you had as a kid. Sometimes you rode with with a friend, sometimes alone. There were no plans. We didn't know much. We had some crappy bikes and crappy gear. Did we even have a helmet? Who knows - we had no cameras or phones to document. But we had fun, we were rolling those trails for hours and we thought of nothing else. And it was as difficult and challenging as ever.

By stripping off just about everything there is on a modern bike, there is something of a way back.

But there is no turning back from those fat, sweet 29ers. So keep that clearance, my friends, clearance, titanium, and fine tuned timeless geometry.

Then go ride.